Social media marketing has become absolutely vital in the world of digital marketing over the last few years. But there is most definitely a difference in doing a good job and just getting by.

Unfortunately just knowing how to use Facebook and Twitter doesn’t make you a social media guru. However, we’ve put together some tips, advice and insight that can help you and your business improve your digital marketing strategy for social media.

  1. It’s all about content – Interesting and engaging content is one of the top reasons people follow brands and businesses on social media. If you wouldn’t like to take time out of your day to read it then don’t release it on the world through social media.
  2. It can help with SEO – Bing uses Facebook likes as a ranking signal when users are logged in and content on social networks is indexed on Google. So it can do more than strike up a conversation with existing customers – it can help you reach out to new customers!
  3. It needs to be visual – People (and search engines) love visual content. Photos receive up to 20x more engagement on social networks than text alone and videos are 53x more likely to help you achieve a first page ranking on Google
  4. It needs to be relevant – If your business is selling IT services, don’t post pictures of your lunch. Yes, everyone loves a good restaurant recommendation but if people have followed you for your insight into the world of information technology then spamming them with pictures of #foodporn is a really good way to get unfollowed!
  5. It needs to be about your customers – (or your potential customers!) we all have that friend who only ever talks about themselves and doesn’t let you get a word in. It’s boring. It’s frustrating. No-one wants it in their social media feed. Instead of constantly updating with what you’ve got going on share some useful (keep them relevant!) insights into your industry that benefit your customers rather than just allow you to #humblebrag! Or strike up a conversation and keep people engaged with your social outlets.

If any of this has inspired you to reconsider your social media strategy then get in touch with us at Salt. We can offer you some guidance or discuss options for management of your social media platforms.