Search marketing is an absolutely essential part of any digital marketing package. You could have the greatest website in the world but if people can’t easily find you amongst the chaos that is the World Wide Web then you may as well be waving at passers-by in the dark. 

We’re increasingly seeing businesses place a lot of importance on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ranking highly on Google that they forget about sharing really great content too.

Imagine the picture, you’re in a town you don’t know and you’re looking for somewhere to eat. You type “Restaurants near me” into Google. Two hundred and six million results pop up. It’s this sheer volume that means we’re not saying appearing first in the search isn’t important. In an age where people want the information to be at their fingertips, five minutes ago, it is most definitely in your best interests to be on the first page or two.

However, people want answers without having to search for them, so your website could be the number one result in a google search, but if people click through to it and they can’t find some enticing visuals or click through to read some reviews they’ll hit the back button and look for someone else before you can shout: “Give us a chance!”

The moral of the story? A really great search marketing strategy can only work with some superb content marketing.

We know that people use Google search to make purchase decisions (a staggering 81% infact) but once they’ve found what they’re searching for how do they narrow down their choice? Through content. Whether this is a review on Facebook, a really engaging blog post or some lovely visuals from your business’ Instagram account. Content marketing can help your business generate brand awareness and credibility. A great example of this is @innocent. They share fun, engaging content that means they have followers coming out of their ears!

Speaking of content marketing, did you know that 57% of business’ acquire new customers through sharing blogging content? So naturally this wouldn’t be complete without suggesting that you get in touch with us here at Salt! We’re eagerly awaiting your call.