Creating social media content can be hard at the best of times for any small business, but getting it right is even harder. You have to engage with your audience and give them a reason to visit your website and follow your socials.

Before and after posts

Everyone likes to see a good ‘before and after’ post, whether that be an interior design do-over, someone’s new hairstyle or a car or driveway cleaned, it is your chance as a business to show off what you can do and the difference you can make.

Similarly, if you are an accountancy service or in the digital marketing sector, you can also show off some graphics with impressive statistics on how much revenue you have saved your client or extra generated in sales.

Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience and draw them into the conversation, ask them questions prompting them to give an answer or post a response. You’ll get more engagement this way rather than simply talking at them with sales graphics.


If you are launching a new product or service, don’t miss the opportunity beforehand to post weekly countdowns or teasers to generate interest. You can also use the opportunity to go behind the scenes and show off the production of a new product or planning process of a new service.

Be entertaining

Even with a dry subject (such as law or finance) you can still maintain an element of fun or quirkiness to your feeds with occasional humour, it shows your brand as having personality.


Creating offers, such as giveaways or money off during a certain period is a sure way to grab people’s attention. It gives them a reason to follow your brand across social media because they are likely to get something in return.


Create free and useful resources for the user to read or download, the ultimate aim that you become an authority in your field on social media, and known as the place to come for  help and advice.

Understand your platforms

Each social media platform is different, it is made up of different demographics. Posting the same content across all your platforms day after day is a big mistake. Firstly, if you want your audience to follow you on 3 (or more) platforms, why would they do that just to receive the same content 3 times?  Think about the demographic for each platform and let that dictate the content you put out for each.