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It's Christmas... very soon!

Monday 04 September 2017

It may still feel like summer, but with only 3 more pay days (4 if you’re lucky), The X Factor back on TV, Tesco’s already stocking up for Halloween it won’t be long before the Christmas countdown! You might want to look away now, but there are only 14 full weeks before Christmas! Scary, isn’t it?! Where did 2017 go?

For the most of us, it’s still one third of the year left, fair enough! But for business owners who are always looking ahead at the next season, forecasting their sales and strategies, NOW is the time to start thinking about Christmas (if you haven’t already).

If you’re a business selling to the end consumer, you need to be thinking about the key messages you need to get across to your customers or users, or how you are going to exploit the Christmas period to drive those sales up. Likewise, if you are selling a service or product that typically suffer over the festive period, now is click the time to think about that all-important advertising push.

Even if you are predominantly a B2B business, could this simply be a good opportunity just to touch base with your clients, especially the ones that you haven’t had contact with for some time?

It might be a complete campaign you need, an e-marketing campaign, seasonal desktop gifts (such as branded notepads, or wine bottles) or a simple e-card with a season greeting or your shut down times.

Don’t leave it too late!