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9 Content Marketing Mistakes That Harm Your SEO

Monday 25 June 2018

Content marketing is extremely popular and it does wonders for brands and their brand reputation. It can improve your SEO and make you visible to more people than ever.

However, it's easy to make mistakes that can cost you that carefully created reputation and ruin your chances of connecting with your audience. These mistakes are sometimes innocent and easy to fix but sometimes they clash with Google Webmaster Guidelines and create bigger problems.

Here are some of the mistakes that you can make and some easy steps you can take to fix them.

1. Using scrapped content

Taking content from reputable sources may seem like a good idea at first but it's definitely not. It doesn't give any useful or unique information and it could be copyrighted.

It's far better to create your own, new content. You'll rank better in Google search engine and people will have more use of your text.

2. Misplacing your content

Once you create your amazing content, you'll need to post it somewhere where it can attract a lot of attention but lead to your website at the same time. Social media platforms are out of the question since those are intermediary sites and your website will not be followed.

Other places, that post a lot of content are bad for your content as well since there will be no link to take the readers to your website. It's best that you own your own blog and post your content where you know it will be heard and seen – your website.

3. Creating content automatically

Automatically generated content contains paragraphs with necessary keywords but it doesn't make any sense. This is not a good solution and it's always better to provide value for your users.

Here are some tools that you may find useful:

  • State Of Writing is a content writing guide that can help you with some basic elements of style and writing.
  • UK Writings and Academ Advisor are content editing tools that you'll have many benefits from when you start the process of editing.
  • Via Writing will help you with generating the best title for your article.
  • Do My Assignment and Academized are there to assist you as copywriting tools to write meta tags and generate keywords.
  • My Writing Way and Essay Writer are content proofreading tools.  

4. Using irrelevant keywords

Keywords can improve your SEO ranking but only if they are relevant. The internet is full of keywords and similar things that are trying to manipulate it. Use relevant keywords where appropriate in your text. Don't just pack each sentence with a crazy amount of keywords – it will not make sense provide any value for your readers. Use tools like Google Analytics to discover which keywords you should use.

5. Creating pages that may have malicious behavior

Just as selling products and services knowing that they will behave differently than expected is illegal, so is having pages on your website that will do unexpected things to your user's computers. Downloading and activating without consent, installing Trojans, spyware or any kind of viruses, manipulating the content on the page, including ads or pop-ups for software that behaves badly etc. is all a bad thing to do and it clashes with Google Webmaster Guidelines which means that Google will notice it and punish you.

6. Add value to affiliate programs

There are several ways that you can harm your chances at getting into a good affiliate program. Add value to your content and to the affiliate program by simply adding unique text. For example, don't use unoriginal content from other websites but instead write your own with your opinions and thoughts on a product.

”Another thing that you should be careful about is choosing an affiliate program that has products and services that suit your target audience and your niche.

If content on your website can be found elsewhere, you are not likely to rank high in Google search engines”, - says Joseph Tran, a SEO Manager at UK Top Writers and Ox Essays writer.

7. Prevent comment spam

Even though comments can be a great space for people to connect, get to know each other, express their opinions and complaints, this is also a space where spam can easily find its audience. It's hard to stop spam automatically because sometimes automatic tools can often misunderstand and place comments from ordinary users in spam and let real spam slip through cracks.

There is of course, Captcha, which can stop some of the spam. Ultimately, it's a good idea to review each comment posted to your site and see for yourself whether it's spam or not.


There are numerous mistakes that you can make with content marketing that can harm your SEO. But just like it's easy to make mistakes, it's also easy to fix them. Use some of the tips from this list and stick to the Google Webmaster guidelines to make the most out of your content marketing campaigns.


Freddie Tubbs is a SEO content writer at UK Services Reviews. He is running Revieweal online review blog and works as a paper writer and editor at Paper Fellows.